Manufacturers face numerous challenges with selling complex products and solutions

Economic challenges have forced manufacturers to change their business models, seemingly overnight, to stay competitive and prepare for unprecedented growth. Recent research with 100+ manufacturers indicates that digital enablement is a top commercial priority, but less than 20% saw their organizations as effectively implementing digital tools and sales channels. What investments are necessary to re-organize commercial models to support new go-to-market strategies? Alexander Group has the experience, insights and benchmarks to help you take the next step towards revising your strategic business model to reflect the new reality.

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Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Trends Research: Strategies | Insights | Metrics

Digital is altering the way customers interact and purchase your offerings. Integrating sales, marketing and service to provide customer value will differentiate your firm, command a premium and deliver sustainable growth. Compare your business processes and performance metrics to your competition to see if you’re hitting the mark.
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Marketing Insights Study

Over 150 marketing executives were interviewed to determine the marketing initiatives being prioritized to maximize customer lifetime value. From marketing roles and resource allocation to marketing mix, channels and spend, get the latest insights on where marketing leaders are investing to advance their organization’s marketing maturity.
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Sales Compensation Trends Survey

Participate to gain insights on market disruptions, pay compression, severance payments, FLSA status and pay disclosure. Special section on sales comp changes planned for the account manager job.
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Sales Pulse Survey

2023 planning insights: Hear what other revenue leaders are predicting in terms of growth, priority initiatives and investments heading into the next year.
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Digital Go-to-Customer Study Briefing

Discover the industry trends, insights and frameworks on the digital impact on revenue growth, as well as recommendations for increased sales performance and growth in a digital environment.
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Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Trends Research: Strategies | Insights | Metrics

Digital investments are increasing dramatically. Innovative products are driving profitable growth but require significant changes in talent for new roles and more advanced skill sets. Adapting to new customer preferences and the 24/7 buyer journey is forcing the integration of marketing, sales and service. Is your firm keeping up with industry changes?
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Manufacturing & Distribution Productivity Drivers

Rising inflation, supply chain constraints and uncertain demand are just a few economic factors that are impacting commercial models. What drivers are manufacturers and distributors investing in to prioritize customer segments, protect margin, and maintain and grow market share?
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New Research 60+ interviews with manufacturing executives and 100+ datasets on key sales benchmarks Discover the latest insights and best practices on revenue management priorities. REQUEST BRIEFING
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