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Scott Santucci


Scott Santucci is a director in the Alexander Group’s Atlanta office and is spearheading the firms go-to-customer framework – our answer to the structural problems that are preventing businesses from achieving their organic growth objectives. He has over 10 years working with Fortune 1000 companies from the board room to the sales trenches and across finance, human resources, IT, sales and marketing departments. Scott is widely considered the most innovative thinker in the field of strategic sales enablement and is well published and influential in the space. He’s worked with leading organizations on a variety of issues including: streamlining the support chain behind sales forces, cross functional sales content strategy, sales messaging and tool development; uncovering the hidden cost of sales support and realigning resources; improving and scaling strategic account management functions; developing innovative sales engagement programs; and radically transforming sales training and development functions.

Prior to joining the Alexander Group, Scott served as the research director for Forrester Research’s sales enablement practice where he was the first person to research the perspectives of executive-level buyers on the sales teams calling on them. During his time at Forrester, Scott keynoted 10 conferences; spoke at 25 sales kickoff meetings; facilitated 50 cross-functional, executive working sessions; trained over 5000 sales people and 2000 sales mangers; and personally interviewed over 1000 executive-level buyers (titles included CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, CIOs, VPs of Sales, etc.). Before joining Forrester, Scott was the CEO of Blueprint Marketing, a boutique sales and marketing consulting organization specializing in developing integrated sales and marketing messages and tools used to fuel intelligent sales conversations with customers. He’s held various other leadership roles including: VP of sales and marketing, VP of product management and marketing, strategic account sales, product marketing and field sales positions.

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