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The Media Advisory Council (MAC) provides an outlet to discuss contemporary issues and key imperatives facing the media landscape. MAC events are exclusive think tanks and held multiple times throughout the year.

Recent MAC Events:

Virtual | April 2020

How are media sales leaders managing through the COVID-19 pandemic? Hear media-specific findings from Alexander Group’s Flash Surveys and discuss the impact on account segmentation/prioritization, value propositions, roles and resource realignment, customer success, sales compensation/quotas, and sales enablement.


Virtual | March 2020

As media companies move through the different phases of growth, go-to-market models and roles begin to evolve. Media sales teams struggle with hiring new talent, how they should be compensated and what sales support resources are needed. Participants discussed the critical mandates to develop value-driven customer success programs and how to ensure that their media ad sales teams are structured and compensated to grow revenue.


Palm Beach, FL | November 2019

Participants gathered to discuss the challenges, opportunities and actions for 2020 as campaign success is moving to customer success. The customer-centric approach signifies the need for specific data solutions for advertisers, not just big measurement studies. Determining the value of data and how to use it while developing the right roles and responsibilities to ensure customer ROI are major hurdles.


Chicago, IL | June 2019

The race to hire great sales talent has heated up. Core responsibilities of the main sales role have drastically changed. The MAC examined the challenge of recruiting and retaining media sales roles. One clear and distinct solution stood out-it’s time to think differently about culture-building and people-advancement.


Atlanta, GA | April 2019

From solution selling and crediting sales across products to selling directly to advertisers and integrating programmatic, publishers are looking for actionable insights on the latest sales practices affecting the media industry. The MAC discussed the leadership mandates for the sales force of 2020.

  1. Solution selling
  2. Leveraging programmatic
  3. Three sales motions
  4. Sales and support roles
  5. Data and measurement


San Mateo, CA | December 2018

Focused on the top challenges facing the industry and insights into the sales transformation needed to meet new customer demands, the MAC identified two critical challenges media firms must address to generate revenue growth and achieve success in this ever-changing environment.

  1. Integration of Programmatic
  2. Emerging Roles (Pre- and Post-Sales)


New York City, NY | September 2018

Gathered to explore the future of media ad sales and identify the key mandates required to win in the face of changing client demands, the MAC determined three critical directives to enable the media sales force to be knowledgeable of all products, platforms and client needs while also be prepared to execute a deep dive into any solution sales scenario.

  1. Solution selling is a must!
  2. Additional support resources are needed to optimize solution sales
  3. Differentiate through unique value propositions


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